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Finally - a social activity that doesn't entail big crowds and noisy rooms. Or any organising from you. Take your conference goers beyond our laneways and into our design studios.

You know that anyone who visits Melbourne wants to hit the shops, right? We’re known as the creative capital, in fact the fashion capital of Australia. And what better place to pick up a wearable souvenir than in Melbourne? But on limited timeframes it’s hard for guests to find the really good stuff; the stuff we’re known for and that’s not available in all the other cities around the world.

Enter Fashion by Foot. With our finger firmly on the pulse of Melbourne’s independent fashion scene, we can tailor a tour of the best independent fashion designers to suit your clients’ needs.

If it’s a sneaky little pit-stop tour for 60 minutes during lunch - we can do it. If delegates have a day to fill before the conference, we can treat them to a whole afternoon of local design, sparkling wine and a personal introduction to some of our best designers. We tailor our tours to your client’s needs.

And why would you choose to include us in your event?

  • We offer a quintessentially Melbourne experience

  • We’re professional style consultants, well-connected in the independent fashion scene

  • We’re experienced and reliable

  • We’ll organise everything for you, with details included on your own discrete landing page

  • We operate in a central location

  • We’re flexible, personable and fun

  • We don’t require you to outlay large sums of money in advance

  • We offer a unique experience your clients won’t find elsewhere

  • You know the guests will want to sneak off to shop anyway, so you may as well make it official and include it as part of the event!

Fashion by Foot is ideal for:

  • trailing spouses

  • executive team bonding sessions

  • grown up networking opportunities

  • incentive and rewards

Contact us today to book this exciting activity for your next event! +61 418 101 235

Unique and fun social activities for conferences and events

Unique and fun social activities for conferences and events